Virtual Remote Control Panel for SMP Series

Posted on 13 July 2020

Easily Control Recordings From Any Device

vRCP for SMP Series

 Extron is pleased to introduce vRCP, a new Virtual Remote Control Panel, which enables remote control of any Extron SMP Streaming Media Processor using the browser on any mobile device. Simply install the free vRCP FlexOS App on your SMP Series products to give users access to common functions like starting, stopping, pausing, and marking recordings.

“We recognize the increasing need for the flexible remote control that offers users the ability to bring their own device and leverage it for in-room AV control,” says Casey Hall, Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Marketing. “That’s why we created the new, free vRCP app, which places SMP device control directly into the hands of presenters using a familiar device, wherever they are in the room, and alleviating the need to touch AV control surfaces.”

With the vRCP FlexOS App, users can remotely control SMP Series products without the need for a physical RCP 101 remote control panel, or it can be used in conjunction with an RCP. This enhancement empowers presenters to walk freely around a room while using their personal devices for simple control and operation of SMP devices, simplifying the creation of recorded content for online learning and virtual classrooms.

Features a new Virtual Remote Control Panel,

Alarms include:
Video Loss
HDCP Video
Audio Loss
Record Halt
Disk Space




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