Videowall Applications

Posted on 30 April 2020

We are pleased to introduce XTP WindoWall®, an exciting enhancement that brings videowall capabilities to XTP Systems®. Utilizing XTP® scaling receivers, XTP WindoWall enables a mix of full screen and image magnification across multiple displays. Up to eight video walls can be supported within an XTP system, and up to eight assignable presets are available per wall for quick and easy viewing between different image arrangements. Convenient software features such as drag and size layout configuration, mullion compensation, and the ability to create multiple preset expedite the setup process. XTP WindoWall makes XTP the ideal solution for adding video wall functionality to a board room or expanding XTP system capabilities within emergency operations centres and other mission-critical applications

Key Features
  • Expands XTP Systems applications to include video wall environments
  • Videowalls of any aspect ratio is supported up to 8×8 configurations
  • Enables a mix of full screen and image magnification across multiple displays
  • XTP System Configuration Software streamlines videowall set up, saving time and money
  • Presets expand capability and offer a quick selection between layouts
  • Mullion compensation for flat panel displays
  • Compatible with all XTP twisted pair and fiber optic scaling receivers


Reliability and Performance Thermal Management

XTP WindoWall functionality is already supported within the latest product firmware.
XTP System Configuration Software will be publicly available in May 2020.



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