Simultaneous Cross-Platform Streaming

Posted on 27 September 2021

Live-streaming commerce is a growing rapidly in Australia and continues to explode and evolve as a major revenue generator. An intuitive, powerful Dante Virtual Console, DARC is a powerful mixing console that runs virtualized in a PC environment. Designed to be easy to setup, and use, yet flexible and powerful for your needs today, and tomorrow.

AoIP for Everyone.

Audio over IP does not need to be complicated or expensive. With the DARC Virtual Console, you can control any Dante network audio source. Mix, adjust levels, everything you need for an On-Air or production room console.

Introducing, DARC Virtual 3.0

DARC Virtual 3.0 is the latest version in the DARC Virtual AoIP console series.
New features include:

-10 point multi touch for touch screens. This allows you to control multiple faders at the same time.

-2 Phone Mix Minus Buses to connect to two phone hybrids.

-Single Channel Playback for podcasters. This allows you to stream and record individual channels, post fader.

-Advanced user presets. Quickly and easily switch from one show layout to the next.

-Soft keys for quickly triggering closures, user presets and more.

-Customizable interface that allows you to label, and color code channels.

-Report screen and logs.

-A FREE upgrade for any existing DARC Virtual customer.

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What you need to get started

To get started with DARC AoIP is extremely simple. You only need two components:

(1) Dante Audio Source – You need to connect your audio sources, such as your microphones, headphones, phone systems, automation, etc…, to the Dante audio network. You can do this using the Simple IP analog or digital nodes, Dante AVIO adapters, Dante Virtual Sound Card, or any other Dante enabled device. Once your device(s) is connected to the Dante network, this step is complete.

(2) DARC Virtual software – Then all you need is the DARC Virtual console software ran on a Windows PC (not included). This software is designed to recognize Dante devices on your Local Area Network (LAN), and then gives you the ability to control any of these devices.

Optional – You can now connect other optional equipment to your Dante network to expand your setup as necessary. Whether you want to use a physical control surface such as the DARC Surface, or add more equipment to your Dante AoIP network such as Simple IP. It is all expandable to as large as you want or need.

AoIP for Everyone.



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