Seamless Bluetooth Connectivity and More with the New Arrakis H-10 Console Mixer

Posted on 06 May 2024

The H-10 Console offers the best of both worlds, combining the simplicity, reliability, performance, and ease of operation of analog with the flexibility and power of digital technologies. It’s a perfect blend of traditional and modern features, providing an exceptional audio experience for all users.

new bluetooth enabled

The H-Series Controller software is included as a standard feature with the H-10 studio console mixer, empowering users to control the console remotely from anywhere in the world. Bluetooth comes standard with the H-10 console, providing you with the convenience of effortlessly connecting any Bluetooth audio device for seamless audio playback.

It is meticulously designed for reliability, offering long-lasting performance and easy maintenance with socketed ICs. Its switches and faders are engineered to endure multi-million operations, ensuring flawless functionality in critical environments. It features both balanced and unbalanced inputs and outputs, making it highly effective at resisting RF interference for a clean broadcast.

More Power.

Experience the unparalleled power of the H-10 console.

With 10 channels at your disposal, you’ll revel in its increased versatility and a host of incredible features, all while benefiting from its compact footprint.

arrakis pic 2

The console comes with 2 built-in mic channels, and if you desire more, you can effortlessly expand to 4 mic channels with the optional ARC-MIC-PRE mic preamp.

5 Types of Channels


Indulge in the convenience of Bluetooth, balanced & unbalanced inputs, and the freedom to control the console from anywhere in the world through our intuitive HSeries Controller software. The H-10 truly takes your studio mixer experience to the next level.

Analog VU Meters

The H-10 features large, high-precision meters on the front panel, enabling the user to visualize the dynamics of their audio feeds.

With backlighting these high performance meters only enhance the luxurious and exceptionally elegant aesthetic of the H-10.

arrakis analog

LED Meters

Enhance your H-10 studio experience with our captivating LED VU meters. These meters provide real-time audio monitoring and precise signal clarity.

arrakis digit

Enjoy a mesmerizing visual display that dances with the beats, while the sleek and durable design complements any setting. Elevate your studio to new heights with this perfect fusion of stunning visuals and exceptional audio performance.

More Information

»Arrakis H-10  Brochure (PDF) Download

»Arrakis H-10™Technical Specification(PDF) Download



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