Extron's New Technology Performance Lab for System Design Evaluation and Interoperability Testing

Posted on 17 August 2017

Extron’s new Technology Performance Lab is the newest addition to our in-house product testing facility located at our corporate headquarters in Anaheim, California. It enables testing of our professional-grade DTP, XTP, and FOX product platforms in real-world applications. Lab equipment can be configured to replicate everything from basic system designs to extremely complex installations. Currently, it is being used to test comprehensive design concepts with the XTP II CrossPoint Series modular matrix switchers, the industry’s only AV infrastructure to support HDMI 2.1.

To ensure each twisted pair and fiber optic product performs reliably and to specification in any given system design, Extron engineers work with a vast array of sources and display devices from a wide variety of manufacturers. Sources include a comprehensive offering of laptops, computers, media and Blu ray players, graphics cards, cameras, handheld devices like tablets, and more. For display needs and because display models work differently even when they are from the same manufacturer, this state of the art lab incorporates an astonishing 64 displays of varying brands, technologies, capabilities, and sizes. Lab equipment is added to and upgraded regularly and at significant cost, allowing us to anticipate emerging source and display technologies.

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