New Power Expansion Interface Delivers Centralized 12V DC Power Management and More

Posted on 10 June 2024

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We are pleased to introduce the IPL EXP PDU8L. This control system power expansion interface provides centralized 12V DC power management, monitoring, and temperature sensing. It delivers 60 watts across eight individually controllable outputs. The IPL EXP PDU8L is Ethernet enabled and features the ability to monitor power consumption while providing a temperature port and thermistor probe for tracking temperature conditions of any ambient air space or device.


Key Features

It is designed to be used with an IPCP Pro xi Series control processor for secure, encrypted power control of attached devices. It can also operate independently using a secure Extron API, enabling seamless integration for specialized applications or direct control via the built-in web page.

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The IPL EXP PDU8L will be available in February 2024.


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