Nebula Tablet Solutions with Staros and Starcontrol

Glory Star, a world leader in premium Kiosk Tablets, have updated their Nebula Kiosk Tablets to include the Staros license which is their kiosk lockdown software and the optional Starcontrol remote control of their tablets.

They are now available from AVW Gr oup in both Australia and New Zealand.
Nebula Kiosk Tablet

Nebula Kiosk Tablet  is designed as an all in one self service kiosk. The tablet combines a commercial grade reliability with the powerful processor and an optional power over ethernet ( POE).

The kiosk tablet offers a wide assortment of optional peripherals such as  magnetic card swipe, RFID/NFC  readers and barcodes that enables flexibility for rigorous use  in continuous public use for  fitness consoles, system terminals, retail e-catalog, employee access control, corporate check in, restaurant self ordering, hotel check in, etc.

It is not a consumer table and engineered for commercial environments with a supported 3 year supply. Kiosk Tablet is Android 9.0  where it is developed for fixed applications with no battery power included.

A license free kiosk lockdown app is installed in Nebula kiosk tablet , not only that Glory Star offers a high level of customization that allows customers to integrate tablets such as touch screens to your IOT products.

The new Nebula Kiosk Tablet outlines a unique, minimalistic design identity which stays true to its exceptional ability to transform its 10, 15.6 and 21.5 inch models into various roles by plugging in any accessory attachment the user desires, such as RFID readers, magnetic stripe readers and barcode scanners.

This enables flexibility for rigorous commercial and continuous public use for fitness consoles, system terminals, retail e-catalog, employee access control, corporate check-in, restaurant self-ordering, school ID and attendance monitoring, hotel check-in and many more. Designed with flexibility and placement in mind, the stand and mount options make Nebula Tablet a perfect fit.

Pre-installed in all Nebula tablets is the free kiosk lockdown app, Staros, which ensures a secure and stable touch screen in business environments by allowing users to lockdown websites in full screen mode, auto start videos, web pages and apps, and prevent unwanted third parties from accessing the Android 7.1 and 9.0 operating systems.

The new power over ethernet (POE) is an optional feature, where installing a power plug is expensive, running a low-cost voltage allows a lower cost solution. POE allows easy installation of having a power and internet cable (RJ45) all in one, facilitating easy conference room scheduling installations.

Satisfied customers of the Nebula kiosk tablet include global furniture retail chain, IKEA and home fitness bike retailer Flywheel. IKEA implemented Nebula into their production facilities to recreate and reinforce digital messages, providing a more accurate data collection and faster workflow. Checking the process and procedure on the device forces the workers to be more cautious while operating the machines. Flywheel utilized the Nebula 15.6″ and 21.5″ to integrate into their custom indoor bikes, treadmills and water rowers to create an immersive experience of connected fitness. The high definition LCD panel, useable in portrait or landscape mode much more than a consumer tablet, engineered for commercial environments.

Bharath (Ben) Narasimmaiah said, “Glory Star offers a high level of customisation that allows customers to integrate tablets such as touch screens to their IOT products”.

Designed for 24/7 operation the Nebula is the most versatile device for commercial applications. Full technical information and White Paper is available on request from AVW Group. Email the Glory Star authorised Australia / New Zealand Distributor at or

Glory Star has also developed a new infrared contactless temperature sensor/detector to ensure that people who access a property are not running a high temperature. It provides alerts when a person has a high temperature.

About Glory Star 

Glory Star is the pioneer of display screen and all-in-one touch interface, the company has more than 600,000 units of installation in fitness, retail, self-service and building automation industries globally. They offer customization of tablets allowing you direct access to engineers with a board selection of screens from 4.3” to 43”. We bring engagement to users through the use of tablet technology.

About AVW

The AVW Group (Australia and New Zealand) established in 1983 is an Equipment Importer, Distributor and Systems Engineering company specialising in the Audio Visual, Broadcast, Satellite and ICT systems verticals. With warehouses and engineering staff in Australia, and New Zealand, AVW supplies more than 500 Reseller locations in 2 countries. The AVW Special Services Group (SSG) provides Engineered Solutions, Systems Installation / Integration, Project Management plus Critical System Maintenance and Support Services to our Integration and Reseller Partners, End-Clients and Industry.  |

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