Meet Rob Paris

Technical Sales Consultant and Project Leader
Australia and New Zealand

Rob has been on a trajectory involving audio, music, film, and broadcasting in one way or another for most of his life. As a young kid, he remembers making his first crystal set and moving on to building more complex projects such as guitar effects, repairing amps, and setting up PA systems for community events. This led to training and working in the electrical and industrial electronics fields until he joined a professional sound company to do live sound, custom manufacturing, repairs and studio installs, while also playing, performing and recording in various bands.

His work experience to date touches on most aspects of the pro audio and video industry and includes hi-fi manufacturing, AV installation, recording studio installations, broadcast equipment sales, post-production sound work, and location recording and radio systems.

Rob loves new challenges and considers himself very lucky to have worked in many roles where music and audio technology, two of his strongest passions, are combined. These roles include Installer, Repairer, National Sales Manager, Technical Trainer, Project Manager, Marketing Manager and Product Specialist.

At the AVW Group, Rob is our Broadcast and AV Technical Sales Specialist and Project Leader and has been with the company since 2015. We know that whatever we throw at Rob to do next, we can rely on him to do the job well. He’ll rise to the occasion, quickly gather the required tools and skills (if he doesn’t already have them) and do an outstanding job.

Special Services Group (SSG)

AVW offers a variety of resources aimed at helping AV consultants, system designers and integrators with their architectural design needs.

As AV Architecture and Engineering (A&E) are a critical part of a winning proposal AVW Special Services Group  (SSG) can provide, in an industry-standard format, the drafting for your next proposal. This resource can include CAD/Visio drawingscut-out templates, block diagrams and AutoDesk Revit architectural files for three-dimensional modelling. In addition, we can provide sample application diagrams, installation videos, white papers, technology articles, and more

Rob Paris Technical Sales Consultant and Project Leader Australia and New Zealand f-31


Syd: 02 8213 0200  Mel: 03 8691 5210 
Qld: 07 3607 3785 WA/SA/NT: 08 8120 3203

New Zealand:
Akl: 09 271 4000 Wel:  04 499 3888

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