Managing Director's Message

Posted on 11 December 2020


Santa Claus is coming to town

On behalf of AVW, we would like to say thank you for all the support and commitment you, our partners, have shown us in the year. I would like to thank my AVW Team for the extra effort they have all made.

We are almost at the end of a challenging year and despite its unprecedented events we are pleased to report that 2020 has been another outstanding year for AVW Global – thank you to everyone for your support!

As the market continues to evolve, we’re constantly striving to provide your business with an edge through technological innovation and support. Our focus continues on client satisfaction by ensuring that the finest Technologies and Services are provided.

AVW will close from 5.00 pm (local times) on Wednesday, 23th December and re-open on Monday, the 11th January 2021.

Let’s take a moment to send our best wishes and consider those dealing with the incredible impact the CV19 has had on peoples health, wellbeing, business and family life.

I hope that 2021 will see a return to normal, it may well be a new normal, but I hope it is one which will be based on wise thinking and thoughtful approach to the community.

Murray Hunt
Managing Director
Australia and New Zealand

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