Magnetar Weatherproof Monitor it works perfectly indoor and outdoor!

Posted on 05 July 2024

The Glory Star Magnetar Weatherproof Touch Screen is IP65 rated, dust and water-resistant front glass. Equipped with a high-brightness screen, fingerprint and scratch-resistant surface makes it a true industrial-grade solution.

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Glory Star’s Magnetar Weatherproof Touch Screen delivers seamless and accurate touch response with a 6H scratch resistant touch glass, that is enough to withstand demanding applications, making these products very suitable for use in public environments.

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Charging stations are typically located outdoors, which means they are exposed to the element such as rain, snow and extreme temperatures. Magnetar Weatherproof touchscreen can withstand these conditions, ensuring that the charging station remains functional and accessible

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The rugged construction of the Magnetar Monitor makes it suitable for industrial applications such as monitoring
equipment, displaying product data and facilitating process control.

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It is cost-effective for system integrators requiring a reliable indoor and outdoor application product.

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