Introducing the new SOFIA 565 FM SiteStreamer+

Posted on 07 January 2020

The SOFIA 565 FM SiteStreamer+™ is the latest addition to our elite series of remote monitors with advanced features for critical situations.

The SOFIA 565 provides analog, AES3-digital and AoIP-streaming audio outputs. The Web Interface enables remote FM/RDS tuning, streamed audio, source switching, alarms, and much more. Up to 10-listeners can remotely monitor the audio stream.  Shipping in January


Fulltime off-air program audio is available simultaneously as L/R-analog, AES3-digital and Dante®-based AES67 AoIP streaming, all with adjustable levels, plus a multi-listener Internet IP stream and front-panel headphone jack.

  • Install the SiteStreamer+ within the reception contour of your station and monitor off-air analog FM via the Web from anywhere in the world.
  • The SOFIA 565 Internet-listening stream supports up to 10 listeners at once.
  • Front-panel alarms and/or rear-panel ‘tallies’ indicate Audio Loss, Low Signal, RDS Errors, and FM Reception Loss.
  • The easy front-panel setup uses jog-wheel menu navigation and the front-panel readout. The corresponding Web interface offers a detailed presentation and additional options.
  • Gives local and remote readout of all pertinent FM/RDS data.
  • Enhanced alarm logging includes the duration of each alarm, and there is virtually no limit to the number of alarms that can be logged.
  • The built-in BandScanner displays a spectrum plot of the entire FM band (or a user-selected portion).
  • The half-rack package features an OLED hi-res graphic display, wide-range LED level meters and individual alarm LEDs with rear-panel tallies.
  • GPOs may be user-assigned to specific alarm functions.
  • SNMP utility is fully supported.
  • Real-Time Clock has a battery backup.

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