Illuminating Possibilities: The10.1" High Brightness Industrial Monitor

Posted on 15 November 2023

The Lilliput FA1019C is an exceptional industrial monitor, particularly suitable as an in-vehicle monitor due to its compact 10.1-inch size and robust build. As a 10.1-inch monitor, it offers a high-resolution display, perfect for various industrial applications where detail and clarity are paramount. The IP65-rated monitor design ensures that it is highly resistant to dust and water, making it an ideal choice for challenging environments.

The commercial monitor features a 1500NIT display, this industrial monitor is exceptionally bright, enhancing visibility even in high ambient light conditions, which is crucial for both industrial and in-vehicle monitoring scenarios. The inclusion of USB-C inputs makes this commercial monitor highly versatile, allowing for easy connectivity with modern industrial and vehicular systems. This 10.1-inch industrial monitor, with its IP65 rating and 1500NIT display, represents a blend of durability, functionality, and advanced technology, ideal for various commercial and industrial applications.



The commercial monitor has a remarkable resolution of 1920×1200 pixels, and the FA1019/C guarantees sharp and detailed visuals, catering to the demands of industrial applications where precision matters.


Exceptional LED Panel Life:

At the heart of the FA1019/C lies a powerhouse – a 50000-hour LED panel. This longevity ensures not only reliable performance over an extended period but also underscores the cost-effectiveness of this high-quality display solution.


Rich Interface for Versatility:

Equipped with HDMI, VGA, and USB-C inputs, this monitor seamlessly integrates with a wide array of industrial equipment and devices. Whether you’re dealing with complex data sets or multimedia presentations, the FA1019/C has you covered.


Optional IP65 Frame and Extension Cables:

the FA1019/C offers an optional IP65 frame. This feature ensures resistance against dust and water, making the monitor suitable for challenging industrial environments. Furthermore, the inclusion of HDMI and VGA extension cables provides flexibility in installation, catering to the specific needs of your workspace.


Rugged IP65 Rating:

The monitor is not only dust-tight but also resistant to low-pressure water jets. In environments where exposure to the elements is a constant, the IP65 rating ensures the display remains unfazed, delivering optimal performance in the face of adversity.


VESA 75mm Bracket for Various Applications:

Its VESA 75mm bracket opens up a world of possibilities, from supermarket displays to ordering machines and industrial control panels. Mount the monitor securely in the most ergonomic and space-efficient manner, tailoring it to the unique requirements of your application.


More Information

»FA1019/C 10.1″ 1500 Nits High Brightness Industrial grade HDMI / VGA Monitor Brochure (PDF) Download

» FA1019/C 10.1″ 1500 Nits High Brightness Industrial grade HDMI / VGA MonitorTechnical Specification (PDF) Download

Key Points to Include

High Resolution & Brightness: The Lilliput 10.1-inch monitor has FA1019C’s 1920×1200 resolution and 1500cdm² high brightness make it ideal for outdoor, industrial, and commercial applications.

Rugged Design: The Lilliput 10.1-inch monitor has the capability to withstand tough environments, as indicated by the optional IP65 frame and cable set, which is essential for outdoor and rugged installations.

Versatile Connectivity: TheLilliput 10.1-inch monitor has an inclusion of HDMI, USB Type C, and VGA video inputs supporting its use in a wide array of applications, from industrial setups to emergency vehicles.

Compact and Efficient: Lilliput’s 10.1-inch monitor has 10.1″ screen size combines compactness with efficiency, making it suitable for environments where space is at a premium, but quality cannot be compromised.

Energy Consumption: The Lilliput 10.1-inch monitor has a power consumption of less than 19W (12V), it is an energy-efficient option for sustained use in various settings.

Operating Temperatures: Lilliput 10.1-inch monitor has an ability to operate in a wide range of temperatures (-20°c to 60 °c) underscores its reliability in different climatic conditions

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