How Organizations Use Extron and Panopto

Posted on 12 February 2024

Powerful Configurable AV Control with Video Content Management

Extron is working with Panopto to deliver the industry’s first unified solution for AV control, media capture, and video content management and delivery. Our control system capabilities extend to Panopto-supported capture products, providing complete control for classrooms, meeting spaces, and workspaces. Also, our SMP – Streaming Media Processors directly integrate into Panopto to ingest recording schedules for automated recording and content publishing, ad-hoc recording and publishing, and for live streaming applications.




Supports all Media Capture and Distribution Applications

From simple touch control to hands-off, fully-automated streaming, and everything in between

Intuitive one-touch control with customizable features for more advanced requirements

Flexible ad-hoc or scheduled video capture and automated publishing workflows for LMS integration

Robust and complementary solutions to simplify your meetings with Extron SMP products for live and on demand content publishing to the Panopto video platform

Support for touch and push button controllers, Global Configurator Plus and Pro versions and Global Scripter Control

Certified drivers for Panopto enterprise video content management systems to support easy control system configuration

LinkLicense for Enhanced Panopto Features enabling scheduled recordings and live streaming

Extron and Panopto Recording Agent * Setup Guide  | Extron and Panopto  | Brochure 



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