Suitable for streaming, interviewing, recording, and file playback, even simultaneously with multiple PIPEs

Posted on 06 July 2024

The “fernReport” is a next-generation reporter audio codec designed for use “in the field.” Here’s a summary of the product based on the provided content:

fernReport Overview:

Purpose: Designed for reporting, live commentary, and any operation that benefits from control and monitoring directly at the audio codec.
Composition: Combines the aixtream software with the RasPad 3, a portable Raspberry Pi tablet.

Key Features:
Suitable for streaming, interviewing, recording, and file playback, even simultaneously with multiple PIPEs.
Compliant with EBU TECH3326 SIP and supports a wide range of encoding and streaming formats.
Operates via a 10.1-inch touchscreen.
Offers connection options like WLAN, LTE/4G/5G, and Ethernet.
Battery-operated with approximately 5 hours of usage (extendable with power banks).
Comes with 128 GB of storage space.
Supports up to 3 professional USB headsets. With splitters, adapters, and external USB audio interfaces, more microphones and connection types can be utilized.
Features an intuitive, user-friendly, and customizable user interface.

Where the fernReport can be used:

Field Reporting: Journalists and reporters can use the fernReport for on-the-spot news coverage, ensuring high-quality audio transmission.
Live Sports Commentary: Sports commentators can benefit from its portability and multiple connection options, especially during outdoor events.
Remote Interviews: For radio or podcast hosts conducting interviews in various locations.
Broadcasting Events: Covering live events, concerts, or ceremonies where direct audio feed is essential.
Communication Hub: In larger networks, it can act as a hub system, especially with its capability to manage multiple SIP connections.
Playback in Broadcasting Stations: Can be used in radio stations or broadcasting hubs for playback purposes.
Bidirectional Communication: Given its AoIP (Audio-over-IP) capabilities with RTP and SIP calls, it’s ideal for two-way communication setups.
The fernReport’s versatility, combined with its advanced features, makes it suitable for a wide range of professional audio broadcasting and communication scenarios.




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