Extron's World's First 8 Channel Half-Rack Amplifier

Posted on 24 April 2019

Engineered for Your Success

Packing eight channels of amplification into a half-rack unit required some serious high-level engineering. With exceptional channel density, the XPA U 358 lets you install sixteen 35 watt channels in just one rack space. For applications that need more power, four XPA U 1004 amplifiers can provide sixteen 100 watt channels in a mere two rack spaces. Rack space is often at a premium, and Extron XPA Ultra amplifiers let you install more channels into less space than ever before.

No Wasted Rack Space

Because XPA Ultra amplifiers offer such high channel density, you can drive many high speaker count zones from less rack space. The illustration below shows that you can install 8 channels of 70V or 100V amplification in just a half rack space, with each channel driving four speakers. Competing models require two or four times the space to drive the same number of zones.

XPA U 358 2

One XPA U 358-70V Can Drive 32 Speakers Tapped at 8 Watts.

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