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The AV Technology Leader

Audiovisual technology plays a crucial role for all types of organizations as they strive to improve the way they communicate.
Well-designed AV technology systems make it possible to present high quality audio and video in any space that benefits from
effective information sharing, whether you need to collaborate, educate, make decisions, monitor, notify, inspire, or entertain.
Every day, millions of people around the world are having their experiences enhanced by Extron products.

Our advanced technologies create better looking images, higher quality sound, and systems that are easier to control and work more reliably.Our powerful asset management tools are helping technology professionals efficiently manage large numbers of audiovisual systems deployed throughout their enterprises and institutions.


Extron products are purpose-built to work together, creating core technologies for the enterprise that work seamlessly with
your IT infrastructure. The breadth of the Extron product line provides system designers with the flexibility to select the optimal
solution for each application. All of this is backed by our exceptional support, industry recognized technology training, and the
Extron Satisfaction Guarantee.


Core Technology for the Enterprise

Extron provides a full range of technologies that let you deploy fully integrated AV solutions across the enterprise. They are
carefully engineered to provide best-in-class performance, high energy efficiency, and exceptional reliability. A high level of
vertical integration means Extron is responsible for design, manufacturing, testing, and support. This ensures that each product
is designed to integrate seamlessly with other products to create comprehensive AV system solutions that will last for years.
A thoughtful, iterative product design process ensures that all products include features and capabilities that streamline the
installation process and provide intuitive operation for all users.


Control, Automation, and Management

From the smallest huddle room to the most demanding campus, government, or corporate environment, Extron AV control
and automation solutions simplify operation, unify experiences, and satisfy customer needs for reliable, versatile AV control in
every space. Behind the scenes, Extron products work quietly in racks, tucked under conference tables, or mounted behind
displays – switching and distributing signals, while reliably enhancing your AV experiences, year after year. Within a room,
thoughtful interface design practices ensure users can walk into any space and immediately get down to business by starting
their meeting or presentation without AV getting in their way.


Extron automation systems, occupancy sensors, and Extron Room Scheduling prepare rooms by turning on lights, lowering
shades, and powering up presentation systems. When your meeting is done, you can walk out of the room and know that the
same automation work in reverse and even alert the maintenance crew that the room needs cleaning.
Whether you are responsible for five rooms or 500, our GlobalViewer Enterprise provides all the tools needed for help desk
troubleshooting, remote device management, and even support buying and allocation decisions based on room and device
usage reports – all from the convenience of a mobile device or any web browser.


Professional AV Services

Extron is committed to ensuring that every AV system enabled by our technologies functions properly and fully meets design
specifications and customer expectations. Our expert team of system design engineers, all of whom have decades of experience,
are only a phone call or an email away. We’re not satisfied until everyone with a vested interest in the success of the system is
satisfied. To that end, we provide the most comprehensive system design assistance, post-installation commissioning services,
and network technologies support in the industry.


System Design Services

Design assistance is a valuable, ongoing service that helps ensure your AV systems are optimized to your specific needs. It can
start during the initial phase of a project, where a system specialist works with you to choose the specific Extron products for
your system, but it doesn’t stop there. Your design specialist works closely with you, long term, whenever you need AV system
design help. Having a professional system designer as part of your AV resource team can streamline projects and provide peace
of mind for today and tomorrow.


System Commissioning

Our System Commissioning service provides comprehensive, post-installation analysis, testing, and verification to ensure your AV system is working exactly as it should be. Our system design engineers take a deep dive into system settings, optimizing dozens of audio, video, and control settings. They also run a point-to point physical analysis of your AV with every button pressed,every connection checked, and every signal path verified.


Network Support Group

Our Network Technologies Support Group brings together an unparalleled team of senior AV engineers that specialize in
Enterprise IT Network Management. With certifications such as CCIE and CCNP from Cisco and other infrastructure vendors,
our team is here to assist you from pre-sale conceptual design to post-sale commissioning, ensuring that your AV over IP
deployment meets your every expectation.


Extron’s Commitment to Support

Extron was built on the core value of professional integrity with the ultimate goal of complete customer satisfaction.This commitment, reflected in our three guiding principles of Service, Support, and Solutions, evolved into the Extron S3 corporate philosophy:


To provide the best customer experience possible. Our friendly and knowledgeable support team is always ready to assist with
product or application questions, technical support, and system design advice. You can be confident that this highly trained
team will provide you with any resources needed to support you and help simplify the task of system integration.


To help our customers keep pace with the latest technology and product developments through training and education.
Extron places a high priority on the value of educating our customers, not just selling a product. We present a wide variety of
training and educational programs throughout the world each year to broaden your AV knowledge and help you keep pace
with new technologies and product developments.


To engineer and manufacture products that provide the highest level of performance, dependability, and value. No solution is
complete without the right product. Our wide selection of innovative product solutions meets the needs of any application. Each
product is engineered to provide the performance, dependability, and value that you can rely on to meet your highest expectations.

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Engineering Excellence and Innovation

Extron is committed to developing cutting edge technology that drives the industry forward, and our technical innovation has
been recognized with over 100 patents. Engineering talent is critical to our success as an AV Technology leader, and we have
over 1,000 engineers dedicated to the design, manufacture, and support of our products. Our R&D and testing departments
occupy over 250,000 square feet, including state-of-the-art testing labs and we have a multi-million dollar budget for
engineering and test equipment. These vast engineering resources enable us to develop and deploy the core technologies that
improve the performance, efficiency and reliability of audiovisual systems.

Since we develop our technologies in-house, this affords us with an exceptional level of control over how our products work
in the real world. We are able to continually refine the performance and features in response to user feedback. Our deep
knowledge of the technologies in our products also enhances our ability to provide the highest level of support to meet the
interoperability challenges of constantly evolving signal and display technologies.


World Class Manufacturing and Quality Control

For 40 years, Extron has been a recognized leader in high-tech electronic manufacturing. We are committed to providing a
superior product with world-class support. In order to exceed the expectations of our customers, we have made significant
investments in the construction of our own world-class engineering and manufacturing facilities.

We maintain complete control of the manufacturing and component procurement process which enables us to ensure on-time
delivery and adjust production capacity quickly. We have two advanced printed circuit board assembly plants with the latest
in robotic pick and place systems for fast, high-volume production. With over 600,000 square feet of dedicated manufacturing
facilities, we are able to quickly and effectively deliver quality products to markets worldwide.

When it comes to designing and manufacturing world-class AV solutions, we spare no expense to get it right. With our
end-to-end supply chain management, state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, inspection technology, and testing platforms,
as well as our closed loop quality management process, we can ensure our products meet the highest possible quality and
performance standards for our customers.

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Product Testing

Our own internal standards of quality and extensive testing regime allow Extron to continually provide reliable,
high-performance products to customers worldwide. In fact, we will only introduce a new product once it meets or exceeds
the published specifications and fully complies with all applicable industry and government standards. Rather than rely on
third-party testing, we have built our own accredited testing facilities, with advanced in-house labs and multiple testing
chambers. This significant investment in time, materials, and personnel enables us to globally offer products with a reputation
for high quality and uncompromising customer satisfaction.

Our state-of-the-art compliance labs enable Extron engineers and technicians to perform product testing against a full range of
international compliance codes and government standards. Holding multiple testing accreditation for international standards,
Extron is the only Pro AV manufacturer with the facilities and authorization to do this critical testing in-house. Products are
tested for heat generation, fire resistance, EMI/RFI susceptibility and emissions, and efficient use of energy.

In addition to compliance testing, each Extron product goes through an exhaustive testing process during the engineering
and manufacturing phases. Testing is conducted for performance verification, quality assurance, compatibility, reliability,
functionality, shipping / packaging integrity, plus many additional tests that occur during the manufacturing process.


Secure by Design

Extron AV technology solutions serve the diverse needs of organizations around the world. As more and more customers
specify networked AV systems, they are looking to us to provide solutions that are as secure as possible. Our extensive expertise
and strategic approach to security help to ensure that Extron products meet customer expectations.

At Extron, security is never an afterthought. Our products are secure by design and we are steadfastly committed to making
our hardware and software technologies the most secure in the industry. We focus on security in the same way we do other
technologies, always pursuing improvement and innovation. Our approach is unique in that, unlike other manufacturers,
security is built into our technologies, not just bolted on.

secure by design

Our Commitment to Sustainability

We are committed to designing products and programs that contribute to a more sustainable future. Our greatest impact on
sustainability derives from the way we design products, making it easy for our customers all over the world to implement and
manage AV systems for maximum efficiency.
Extron products are designed to be energy efficient, cool-running, while being exceptionally reliable with many years of
trouble-free operation. Extron has led the industry with a range of energy efficient products. We were the very first manufacturer
to introduce Energy Star qualified commercial audio amplifiers and now offer more than 25 energy efficient models.
Our AV system automation and asset management systems provide technology managers with powerful tools to minimize
energy use even further by ensuring that room devices are on just when they are needed and provide diagnostics and control
that help prevent a technician trip to the room.


Global Support

With offices and support personnel around the globe, Extron is able to provide dedicated, full-service support to customers
worldwide. Extron’s global presence means that we are here for you, wherever you are.

global support




Australia: sales@avw.com.au
Syd: 02 8213 0200  Mel: 03 8691 5210 
Qld: 07 3607 3785 WA/SA/NT: 08 8120 3203

New Zealand: sales@avw.co.nz
Akl: 09 271 4000 Wel:  04 499 3888

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