Extron Subwoofer Impact for Ceiling Speaker Systems

Posted on 05 May 2022

Put in the order to enhance your audio system performance with our new 8” in-ceiling subwoofer!

The SF 8CT SUB delivers rich bass down to 45 Hz with 200 watts of continuous program power handling. This plenum-rated #subwoofer supports both 8 ohms direct or 70/100-volt operation for compatibility with any system.

Extron vice president of sales and marketing Casey Hall says: “Following up on the success of our SF 10C SUB, our expanded subwoofer line provides the opportunity for even more installations to benefit from the impact of including a subwoofer. Adding one or more SF 8CT SUB subwoofers enhances the audio system with extended bass performance and overall higher sound quality, especially when paired with smaller ceiling speakers.”

The SF 8CT SUB extends the low-frequency range of any ceiling or program speaker system for improved impact. A subwoofer can cost-effectively turn a thin-sounding system into a good music playback system or a good music playback system into a great one. More information……



Flexible Installation

For distributed systems, the SF 8CT SUB has an integrated 70/100 volt transformer, allowing the placement of multiple subwoofers within a space to provide even coverage from a single amplifier. Power taps at 64, 32, 16, and 8 watts enable the SF 8CT SUB to be placed in low ceiling rooms without being overpowering, or in low SPL applications where low frequencies require additional reinforcement to achieve equal loudness across the audio spectrum.

For installations where more power is required, the SF 8CT SUB can be connected in 8 ohm direct mode, offering up to 200 watts continuous program power handling capability.

A selectable 120 Hz, 6 dB per octave low pass filter is included to simplify the setup without the need for additional crossovers.



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