Extron Four Input Stereo Audio Switcher

Posted on 07 October 2019

MLS 100 A

Four Input Stereo Audio Switcher – The Extron MLS 100 A Switcher is a compact, four-input stereo audio switcherInputs one through four provide unbalanced audio while an additional input is an active auxiliary line-level mono audio input that can be mixed with any of the other four selectable inputs.
Key Features

  • Additional input accepts balanced/unbalanced mono line level audio signals for mixing with any of the four switchable inputs
  • Audio input gain and attenuation
  • Controllable via TouchLink® Control System, MediaLink® Controller, front panel buttons, or RS-232
  • Rack-mountable, 1U, quarter rack width metal enclosure
  • External Extron Everlast power supply included
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