CrossPoint 4K and IN Series All-in-One Presentation Switchers

Posted on 09 June 2022


As AV systems grow in size and complexity, control systems must meet every demand with fast, dependable performance. At the core of these control systems, you’ll find our powerful IP Link Pro xi Series control processors. This series delivers a huge leap in performance and capabilities, setting new standards for Extron control. With up to four times more memory and significantly-enhanced processing power for increased deployment speeds and improved runtime functionality, this new series is designed to excel in even the most demanding AV applications. In addition to increases in performance, these new processors feature advanced security standards and Gigabit Ethernet, which ensures compatibility with multiple TouchLink Pro touchpanels, Network Button Panels, and IPL EXP expansion interfaces using standard network infrastructure. The new IPCP Pro xi Series control processors are an ideal choice for controlling multiple devices and control signal types within today’s most challenging control system designs.



Created to handle the most demanding AV applications

With up to four times more memory and an upgraded single-core microprocessor on xi models and an ultra-fast Quad Core processor on Q xi models, these new control processors provide increased deployment speeds and improved runtime functionality, and support for more sophisticated projects.

Secure by Design

Extron IPCP Pro xi Series control processors support the latest industry-standard secure communication protocols such as 802.1x, HTTPS and SSH just to name a few. We focus on security in the same way we do other technologies, always pursuing improvement and innovation. Our approach is unique in that, unlike other manufacturers, security is built into our technologies, not just bolted on and that really shows with these end-to-end secure IPCP Pro xi Series control processors.


Compatible with a range of control interfaces

The IPCP Pro xi Series is compatible with a wide variety of user control interfaces, including TouchLink Pro Touchpanels, eBUS devices, Network Button Panels, and mobile devices using the Extron Control App.



Broad range of models lets you choose the perfect processor for each installation

The IPCP Pro xi Series is available in three compact mounting options including quarter-rack, half-rack, and DIN rail options and include a wide variety of RS‑232, IR, relay, contact closure, Flex I/O, eBUS, and Ethernet port combinations.

Easy and Secure System Expansion

The Extron IPL EXP I/O Series of expansion interfaces are a convenient way to put extra control ports and functionality just where you need them in your system. These expansion interfaces pair exclusively with our IPCP Pro xi Series of control processors, which are securely configured with Global Configurator Professional or programmed with Global Scripter®.


Unlock Powerful New Features with LinkLicense

Extron LinkLicense® is a quick, cost-effective way for people to add even more powerful capabilities to Extron products. Each type of LinkLicense unlocks a unique set of features that add convenience and expand the functionality available in your system.





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