Broadata, SDI Video with Audio & Data over Fibre Tx



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The LBO-SDI-AD-T is a high performance, low cost, miniature, Light Bridge Fiber Optic Video Scaler Transmitter System (with Audio/Data). It carries one (1) unidirectional SD-SDI, HD-SDI or 3G-SDI video through one multimode fiber for being displayed with DVI/HDMI/VGA video panel. This unique fiber optic transmission system lets your SD-SDI, HD-SDI or 3G-SDI video source displayed in DVI/HDMI/VGA digital flat panel display extending up to 400m. In addition to unidirectional video transmission, the LBO-SDI-AD-T carries one bi-directional stereo audio and two (2) RS-232 data over the same fiber. The LBO-SDI-AD-T supports video resolution up to 720p/1080i/1080p HDTV video resolution. In addition, this product model has an option for video only configuration which allows either fiber or electrical transmission.

No user adjustment is required for the LBO-SDI-AD-T due to the use of advanced digital fiber optic transmission system technology. This allows for a quick and easy setup, offering trouble-free operation for many years to come. In addition, the LBO-HDI/DH-AD-T transmitter is compatible with our LBO Series receiver. This makes both fiber transmission and HDMI/DVI/VGA/YPbPr/SV/CV/SDI conversion in one single system setup. The LBO-SDI-AD-T comes with either a standalone miniature enclosure or a Decora wall-plate packaging. The units are easily monitored by power and link LED indicators.

Option (LBO-SDI/DH) is also available for converting SDI video to DVI video, without fiber optical transmission. This option is perfect for short distance copper transmission applications.

  • Up to 400m
  • 720p/1080i/1080p HDTV Video Resolution
  • Over 1 Multimode Fiber
  • Compatible with our LBO SeriesProducts
  • Simultaneous Video Transmission Stereo Audio and RS-232

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