Minrray Speakerphone Solution (Mic & Expansion Unit)



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Omnidirectional Speakerphone

VC700 is a professional-grade omnidirectional microphone kit, which adopts international advanced voice processing technology, provides a 48KHz sampling rate, and echo cancellation is up to 500ms. The sound quality is clear and beautiful, intelligent noise reduction completely eliminates clutter, and the voice is restored with high fidelity. Built-in 4-channel high-definition microphone array, the best collection distance is 4, and the farthest can support 5-8, the sound is lifelike, clear, and natural.

                                                                   Key Features

1. Full duplex deep echo cancellation, 48k broadband voice call HD technology, intelligent microphone mixing, dynamic noise suppression, automatic gain technology.

2. The main microphone has 4 built-in unidirectional microphones to form a 360-degree sound pickup, and the collection distance is 4 meters.

3. Supports Bluetooth and USB

4. Supports LINE IN/OUT analog interface, connect external communication terminal through 3.5mm audio cable, support video conference system, multimedia communication system, network conference platform.

5. Perfect expansion capability. The product is equipped with an expansion unit. The speakers and microphones of the main unit and expansion unit are fully synchronized, and can be controlled each other at the same time, which greatly optimizes the omnidirectional microphone pickup and playback performance.

6. The speaker system adopts a multi-core digital unit with a volume of up to 85dB and a 16-level speaker volume digital adjustment.

7.  Multiple buttons: Off-hook, hang-up, microphone mute, volume increase and decrease, and Bluetooth.

8. Built-in battery 5200mA, working duration is more than 8 hours. Standby time is 90 days.


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