UDC-110 Up/Down Cross Converter + 4 Channel Audio Selector



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Righton UDC-110

The UDC-110 is a high performance up/down scalar converter for 3G/HD/SD-SDI Input resolution + audio management

Ingest up to 3G-SDI + Audio channels and select from the front panel your output resolution from 480/576i through to 3G-SDI/ 1080P 60htz HDMI or 1366x768 60htz PC-DVI. On HDMI / DVI and SDI output.

Clever internal processing visually informs the user of the input resoution and output resolution on the video feed each time the output selection is made

The front panel push button selection allows users to easily and quickly set their required output resolution.

  • 3G-SDI (SMPTE 424M/425M, 3.3 Gb/s)
  • HD-SDI (SMPTE 292M, 1.485Gb/s)
  • SDI ( SMPTE 259M, 360Mb/s)
  • Integrated Audio Embedded for up to 8 channels of 48kHz audio
  • Incoming Resolution Auto-Detected
  • Transmit SDI to SDI or SDI to DVI-D/HDMI
  • Hotkey direct to select HDMI, DVI-D and SDI Video Output Resolutions
  • Hotkey direct to select Audio Output Channels
  • HDMI : (Ver 1.3)

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