TeleDelta IP Time-Zone Delay Processor



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The TeleDelta TZD-1005 is designed for multi time-zone delay buffering and playout of Radio, Television and streaming media content.

The TZD-1005 IP Packet Store and Forward Processor is a powerful, low power consumption, dedicated appliance for 24/7 operation in IP transport stream store and forward applications.

Designed for time zone buffering of 1+ live IP streams, the unit acts as a time accurate, transparent, packet store and replay. Depending on configuration the unit can run delay FIFO loop or a triggered cache and playout operation.

Its modular design enables integrators and operators to select functional modules to customise pro- grams, installations, operations and on-going services.

Designed for the edge processing in geographically distributed UDP networks the TZD-1005 acts as the interface from IP streamers, Codecs, WAN and Satellite networks.

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