Mividi IP Video Analysis and Monitoring



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Mividi TSM100 - IP Video Analysis and Monitoring

Professional IP and MPEG analysis and monitoring system. Support transport stream over UDP, RTP, HLS and HTTP pull protocols. Simultanously monitor up to 200 transport streams. Suitable for head-end TS test and monitoring, IPTV and streaming video monitoring.

The Mividi TSM100 is an IP and MEPG analysis software that runs on a Windows platform for monitoring the quality of digital video services (QoS) delivered over IP network. It can simultaneously monitor up to 200 streams and perform deep MPEG analysis 24 x 7. The system can be used for analyzing MPEG-2/H.264 programs delivered over the Internet, as well as head-end equipment that uses IP for video transport.

The TSM100 provides both IP layer analysis and MPEG-2 transport layer analysis, as well as key frame decoding, and service profiling. The system receives IP encapsulated digital audio and video data via 1 Gbits or 10Gbits Network adaptor. It will monitor all media flows in the network, and perform extensive test on standard compliance and user profile matching.


  • MPEG-2 TS over UPD or RTP over UDP
  • Monitor all services on GigE input
  • Calculate MDI (Media Delivery Index) on all services
  • Support MPEG-2 and H.264 video compression standards
  • Support both MPTS & SPTS
  • Decode MPEG-2 and H.264 video thumbnails
  • Real-time comprehensive MPEG TS layer analysis
  • Multicast support with IGMP Join/Leave capability
  • Test for user defined profile
  • Configurable thresholds and alarm setting
  • Audio/Video loss, frozen frame, and black frame detection
  • Full-featured remote client application, including remote video rendering
  • Andriod App for accessing the monitoring system from a mobile device

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