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This window intercom system features an individual speaker and microphone units for the customer side. This system also includes our open duplex amplifier, a hearing loop, and a free-standing staff microphone and speaker unit. It is suitable for quiet environments with lower ambient noise. 

Conversations through safety screens at banks, post offices and other customer-facing businesses are not effective without a system to aid them. With the help of open duplex technology, speech can be transferred effectively through obstacles such as glazed partitions, meaning your customers and staff are guaranteed the best communication experience. The components of a quality speech transfer system include an amplifier designed for optimum performance, high-quality speakers and well-positioned microphones so that your customers and staff can converse both freely and flawlessly. This speech transfer system features an individual speaker and microphone units for the customer side. It is suitable for quiet environments with low ambient noise.

Can be used in any situation where one-to-one communication is impaired by the use of glass, a security screen or other similar barriers, for example, Banks, Post Offices, Supermarkets, Ticket Kiosks, Information Centres, Airports, Courts, Councils, etc.

Speech Transfer Amplifier
Our amplifier provides full open duplex communication and is compatible with all of our speech transfer products.

Surface Mounted Speaker and Microphone
Our customer side, free-standing speaker and Omni-directional microphone modules.

Staff Loudspeaker Unit
Our free-standing combined speaker and directional microphone module for the staff side has an integral loudspeaker, microphone with a semi-rigid stem, adjustable neck and mute switch.

PS-55 Power Supply
The PS-55 Power Supply is a Level VI power supply for use with our Speech Transfer Amplifier.

Counter Hearing Loop Aerial
This hearing loop aerial is for use with our Speech Transfer Systems, which is fixed under desks or counters.


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