RDL, Gated Line Amplifier, Noise Gate



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- Gated Line-level Preamplifier
- Self-Gating to Suppress Unwanted Noise
- Fast, Silent Audio Switching
- Integral Single-ended Noise Reduction
- Adjustable Gain and Threshold
- Balanced or Unbalanced Input / Output
- Open-Collector Logic Output

The ST-GLA1 is a self-gated line amplifier designed to be used in a variety of situations where it is desired to produce an automatically switched line-level signal with integral noise reduction. This module may be used in conjunction with other RDL modules to configure automatic mixing systems or may be used alone as a noise gate. The open-collector slave output may be used to trigger other equipment or RDL modules. The versatility of ST-GLA1 applications range from complete automatic mixing system design to the addition of automatic gating to the inputs of conventional mixers or amplifiers to suppress accumulated or induced system noise.

The input and output may be wired balanced or unbalanced. Two LED indicators are provided for adjustment.

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