Telycam Sono USB & Wireless Omnidirectional Microphone & Speaker



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Telycam First Generation Speakerphone

  • Smart music mode switching 
  • High-capacity battery for extended travel without the need for frequent charging
  • Embedded AI noise cancellation technology
  • Automatic speech direction recognition with DOA (Direction of Arrival) technology


Music mode intelligent switching

Intelligent music mode adaptation

Telycam SONO smartly adjusts its music mode based on the current environment, enhancing the music experience with more impactful sound and clearer vocals.

Large-capacity battery

Long-lasting battery life for extended use

Equipped with a 4400mAh high-capacity battery, it reliably supports a full day of meetings. The standard Type-C interface ensures compatibility with various charging cables and adapters.

AI noise reduction

Advanced AI noise cancellation technology

Telycam SONO's AI noise reduction skillfully filters out background disturbances like keyboard typing, chair movements, and knocking sounds, delivering a call experience akin to an in-person conversation.

DOA automatic speech direction recognition

Directional speech recognition with DOA technology

Telycam SONO features eight high-quality microphones that capture sound from all directions. Utilizing the DOA (Direction of Arrival) algorithm, it precisely identifies the current speaker's location and dynamically adjusts the microphone's focus to enhance voice clarity.


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