RDL Audio Monitor Panel - 12 Line or Speaker Inputs



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- Twelve Individually Selectable Audio Inputs
- Selectable Operating MODE Provides Interlocking Source Selection or Mixing Multiple Sources
- LED Above Each Button to Show Selected Source
- VU Ballistic LED Above the Button for Each Input
- Calibrated Front Panel Meter Display
- Front Panel Speaker and Headphone Jack
- Front Panel VCA Control for Headphone and Speaker Output Levels
- Internal 4.5 W RMS Power Amplifier and Speaker
- Audio Inputs and Outputs on Detachable Terminal Blocks

Each RM-MP12 input may be individually calibrated for unbalanced consumer, balanced professional, 8 Ohm speaker line or constant voltage speaker lines. There is a variable intensity LED on the front panel to show audio presence for each input. If the RM-MP12 is set to the interlocking operating mode, front panel pushbuttons select one of the twelve inputs to feed the calibrated meter, front panel speaker (or external speaker if connected) and headphone jack. In the mixing mode, the buttons allow the use to mix multiple sources. The front panel volume knob controls the audio level of the front panel headphone jack, front panel speaker, external speaker output and variable line level (+4 dBu) rear panel output. A separate fixed line level output is provided.

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