4K 60/50fps to USB3.0 Converter



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The plug and play Yuan PD570PRO USB3.0 Capture is auto-detected by Windows, Mac and Android operating systems. To capture HDMI video sources, simply connect the included cables from your video source to PD570PRO then connect to your computer via USB.

The PD570PRO series (HDMI or SDI) will support up to 4K 4096×2160p@60/50fps

Simple and eay to use the YUAN PD570 PRO series is a must for any live event capture and situational recording.

Comparable with a wide range of Applications - including Skype, VLC, Quicktime, Windows Camera and more.

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Technical Specification:

ModelPD570 PRO HDMI2.0
Max. Input Resolution4096×2160p@60/50fps
Recording ModeSoftware Compression, Real-Time Mode
InterfaceUSB3.0 ( SuperSpeed ) UVC
Video Input1×HDMI2.0
Video RAW Data FormatYUY2 ( Supports on interlaced inputs and inputs below 1080p@60fps )
NV12, I420 ( Supports on all progressive inputs )
Video Input ResolutionUSB3.0 Support Resolution
All resolution below
Recording Video FormatYUY2 ( USB3.0 )
UVC Video Output ResolutionUSB3.0 Support Resolution
4096×2160p@60/50fps inputs will transfer to 4096×2160p@30fps
For all inputs below 4096×2160p@30fps, PD570 PRO HDMI2 outputs will be the same
Audio InputHDMI Embedded Audio
3.5mm Analog Stereo Audio
UAC Audio Output FormatStereo / 16-bit / 48000Hz
 System Requirement
OS SupportWindows 8 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 10
( 32-bit and 64-bit )
MAC OS / Android


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