Opticis ODSG-02C Handheld Battery Powered Digital Video Signal Generator



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- Offers analogue and digital video signals including VESA, NTSC, PAL, HDMI, DVI and Compnent Y/Pb/Pr.
- Supports all VESA resolutions up to UXGA (1600x1200), 75 Hz refresh rate.
- Supports DDC2B and HDCP.
- Handheld compact size and easy operation.
- Provides various test patterns used by field technicians and engineers.
- Offers media player function to play back video clips, music and images.
- Includes 80GB HDD for storing and playing media files.
- Easy firmware updates using the USB port.
- Generates SD/HDSDI video signal when used in conjunction with an optional HDMI/DVI to SD/HDSDI converter.
- Delivery includes: +5V AC/DC Adaptor, Power Cord, and DVI to HDMI Cable.

Opticis handheld digital signal generator, the ODSG-01 is designed to offer various video signals, test patterns, stored image files and audio to easily and accurately test and calibrate HD equipment such as digital or analog Computer Monitors, Video Projectors and Multi-media Displays. The ODSG-01 is compact and easy to control for the convinience of field technicians.

The ODSG-01 outputs not only digital video signals such as DVI/HDMI, Component Y/Pb/Pr but also Analog Video Signals including RGB, S-Video and CVBS. The ODSG-01 makes it easy to support all kinds of displays including Projectors, Plasma Display Panels and LCD Displays.

The Opticis Multimedia Generator offers various advanced features. It provides widely used test patterns in both SD and HD formats. It complies with DDC2B and HDCP. It also offers media display functions to play stored video and audio files from the internal HDD.


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