Neutrik, BNC Crimp Plug for RG-59/U



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The RearTwist BNC cable connector offers a true 75 Ohm design and is perfectly suited to HD applications.
The patented Rear Twist boot guarantees easy access even in high density applications and offers colour coding.

Suitable cables: Argosy (Draka) Image 720, Belden 1505A (ANH), Belden 8241F, Canare L-4CFB, Clark CD7559, Clark CD7559F, CommScope 5565, Draka 0.8/3.7 AF, Draka 755-801, Draka 755-803, Draka 755-804, Gepco VPM2000, Gepco VHD2000, Suhner S0426, Sommer 600-0451, Sommer 600-162(F)

Hex crimp sizes: Pin: 1.7 mm (0.068"), Sleeve: 6.47 mm (0.255")

Features & Benefits:
  • "RearTwist Principe" locking/unlocking using the easily accessible soft touch boot (Patent DE 100 48507).
  • Ideal for recessed bulkheads where access to the "head" of the connector might be an issue. These connectors turn from the back and not the front.
  • True 75 Ohm design meets stringent HD requirements.
  • Snug-fit center pin assembly provides tactile feedback.
  • Excellent cable protection and retention.
  • Precise machined brass parts for outstanding durability.
  • Accessories include color coded boots in 10 standard colors, crimp tool and dies.

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