Electrovoice, Digital Audio Matrix System Processor



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The Electro-Voice NetMax N8000 is an all-purpose digital audio system controller with outstanding performance features. A high quality system design provides excellent audio quality and clear sound, which is achieved by the application of high-end 24 Bit A/D and D/A converters with a 120 dB volume range, high-quality input and output circuits in the analogue domain and digital signal processing with optimized 48 bit double-precision algorithms. Hence, the N8000 is particularly suitable for demanding applications in theatres, concert halls and large churches etc.

NetMax N8000 is highly flexible due to the modular hardware design, which renders makes many applications possible. Four slots with 8- channel audio modules at the rear of the device offer up to 32 local audio channels. Each slot can be equipped either with an audio input module or an audio output module. So, various configurations (e.g. 8-in/8-out, 8-in/16-out, 8-in/24-out, 16-in/ 16-out, 24-in/8-out) can be realized in only a single device. In addition, the N8000 can be equipped with a CobraNet or DANTE digital audio network module. Several N8000 units can be integrated in a network and be connected into a large, sophisticated system.

The signal processing in the N8000 is affected on powerful audio signal processors where, depending on the stage of expansion, - up to 8 DSPs are available. The software contains a multitude of freely programmable signal processing components. Among other things, these are filters with all possible characteristics, parametric and graphic equalizer, matrix router and matrix mixer, delays, dynamic functions, etc. Diverse configurations can be created by combining and connecting these DSP blocks.

  • Full IRIS-Net Software Support
  • 32-Channel Digital Matrix Bus
  • 115 dB Dynamic Range
  • Full CobraNet Audio Transport Support
  • Supports Ethernet, RS-232, USB, and CAN Communications Protocols
  • Up to 1000 MIPS of Processing Power Available Per Unit
  • Extensive Range of DSP Functions
  • Modular Hardware Chassis
  • Integrated Supervision, Scheduling and Command Macro Capability
  • Fully Programmable Analog GPIO Support

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