Mividi Professional Real-time HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) Analyzer



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Mividi LSA100 - HLS Analyzer

The Mividi LSA100 is a professional Real-time HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) Analyzer for validating HLS formats and verifying MPEG transport stream standard compliance and audio/video quality, suitable for testing HLS video service infrastructure and monitoring service content. The system also supports Transport Stream over HTTP (HTTP pull) protocol.

The Mividi HLS Analyzer is designed for verifying the quality of digital audio and video services delivered using the HLS protocol. The system can simultaneously start hundreds of HTTP sessions to download audio and video data from one or more video servers, and perform extensive analysis on HTTP transfer status, HLS file formats, MPEG TS standard compliance, and audio and video qualities in all video services.

The system is designed for 24 x 7 remote operations. All errors detected by the system are saved in the database, along with transport stream snapshots and HTTP downloading statistics. Multiple reports can be generated to summarize the HTTP session and transport stream status over time.


  • Simulates up to hundreds of HTTP Live Streaming sessions from the same or multiple stream servers and simultaneously tests the video service in all sessions.
  • Supports real-time unbounded broadcast service as well as file based on-demand services.
  • Analyzes playlist files, monitor and record media downloading activities.
  • Analyzes HLS bitrate and compares downloading time vs. media time.
  • Supports H.264 video compression standards and multiple audio encoding standards, including MP3, AAC and AAC+.
  • Decodes and display video thumbnails and audio PCM values on multiple programs. Continuously decodes and plays one program at a time.
  • Real-time comprehensive MPEG TS analysis on all HLS services initiated by the analyzer
  • Transport stream error summary with a single quality score.
  • Remote user-friendly and intuitive user interface
  • Database for error logging and after-facts analysis

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