RDL Digital Audio Format Converter (24/192)



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- Conversion from SPDIF to AES/EBU
- Conversion from AES-3ID to AES/EBU
- Exclusive Sure-Lok Auto Recovery
- Automatic Sample Rate Detection
- Coaxial or Optical Input
- Valid Signal LOCK LED Indicator
- Transformer Isolated Output
- Full Operation up to 24 bit / 192 kHz
- Cabinet, Shelf or Rack Mounting

The FP-DFC2 is part of the group of versatile FLAT-PAK products from Radio Design Labs. The unique FLAT-PAK case can be directly screwed or bolted to cabinets or shelves. Optionally available rack-mounting accessories permit single or multiple FLAT-PAK module mounting. All FLAT-PAK modules are supplied with a power interconnect cable for daisy-chaining multiple modules from a single power supply.

The FP-DFC2 is the ideal choice in many applications where an SPDIF source must be connected to AES/EBU professional digital audio equipment. The digital input and output connections are made on the top panel jacks. Power connections are made using either the full-size barrier block terminals or a dc power jack located in an end panel. A second dc power jack is provided on the other end panel for connecting additional Flat-Pak modules.

Three jacks are provided for SPDIF inputs: Phono, BNC and Optical. The BNC jack can also receive an AES-3ID signal. Any one of these input jacks may be used. The AES/EBU output connects through an XLR jack. The electrical output is transformer isolated. The input signal is decoded and reassembled in the AES/EBU format. All header information common to both SPDIF and AES/EBU standards is inserted in the output data stream. An LED indicator is illuminated when a valid, locked digital input signal is being converted to the output.

A frequent problem encountered with consumer and professional quality digital audio equipment is unpredictable latch up when digital signals are switched or connected to a digital input. Sure-Lok auto recovery circuitry unique to the FP-DFC2 monitors the most frequent causes of latch up and reinitiates digital signal lock, bringing a new higher level of stability to digital audio format conversion under the variety of conditions encountered in professional environments.

The FP-DFC2 has several unique features which set it apart from other professional converter devices: 1; All header information common to both formats is provided in the AES/EBU output, not just selected information. 2; Anti'latch'up control circuits provide highly stable operation. 3; The electrical output is transformer isolated. 4; The FP-DFC2's design permits it to be easily mounted, particularly in confined spaces and in various locations in equipment racks.

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