FM Radio Broadcast Coverage Testing Services



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FM Radio Coverage Testing Services

Mobile Drive Testing for Commercial and Community FM Broadcasters 

Are you: 

Wanting to determine or improve your broadcast coverage area?

Are you concerned / receive listen comments about poor coverage? 

Looking to increase broadcast power or supply regulatory authorities technical Information about your Broadcasts?

AVW’s Special Services Group (SSG) is pleased to offer a Hire-able Do-it-Yourself or as a Independent reporting service for FM broadcast coverage testing for Commercial and Community Broadcasters in Australia & New Zealand.

AVW’s portable equipment (the size of a small suitcase - approx. 10kgs) allows mobile and drive testing of FM coverage areas providing real-time capture, monitoring and downloadable reporting of key FM Broadcast parameters.

FM Captures Parameters Include:

  • Wide-band FM frequency capture (88~108Mhz) - capture individual or multiple frequencies 
  • GPS plotting and capture of location data to overlay over mapping software (Google Earth etc.) 
  • Visual and Audible (real-time) parameter readouts from hardware 
  • Stereo Decoder and Stereo Presence Monitoring 
  • Capture of key parameters including:  RF Levels, L & R Audio Levels, MPX Deviation, RF Field Strength,  RDS / Plot Injection Levels, Location Data 

For more information, hirage rates or audit / reporting services available, please contact AVW

A one-page overview of the FM Broadcast Drive Testing can be found here:



Syd: 02 8213 0200  Mel: 03 8691 5210 
Qld: 07 3607 3785 WA/SA/NT: 08 8120 3203

New Zealand:
Akl: 09 271 4000 Wel:  04 499 3888

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