RDL Microphone Preamplifier - Stereo Output with Compressors



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- Balanced Microphone Input on Rear-Panel XLR
- Switch-Selectable Phantom on Rear Panel
- Unbalanced Output on MINI or RCA Rear-Panel Jacks
- Preamp Feeds Left and Right Output Channels
- Front-Panel Compressor Enable/Disable Switch
- Audio Compressor Controls Overloads
- Front-Panel LEVEL Control
- Dual-LED VU Meter

- Optimized for Dynamic or Condenser Mics
- Headroom Accomodates High Input Levels
- Headroom Increases with Lower Gain Settings
- Compressor Limits Clipping Over Wide Dynamic Range

The EZ-MPA1 is a microphone preamplifier with front-panel volume control and audio level metering. A front-panel switch engages an audio compressor to control overloads and clipping during high level audio bursts or peaks from the microphone. Dynamic or condenser microphones are both supported with rear-panel switchable phantom voltage. The preamplified mic signal feeds both channels of the line output on RCA or MINI jacks. LED VU metering facilitates easy level adjustment. The EZ-MPA1 is ideal to add microphone inputs to mixers and amplifiers with line inputs. It is used in houses of worship, restaurants, clubs, meeting rooms, educational facilities, conference rooms, studios and commercial sound systems.

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