RDL Audio Format Converter - Stereo Balanced to Unbalanced



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- Unbalanced to Balanced Audio Conversion
- Balanced to Unbalanced Audio Conversion
- Unbalanced RCA Connections on Front Panel
- Balanced XLR Connections on Rear Panel
- Front-Panel LEVEL Controls
- Dual-LED VU Meter for Each Channel

- Gold-Plated Connectors
- Front-Panel Stereo Audio Metering
- Knob for Easy Level Adjustment
- Exceptional Headroom and Frequency Response

The EZ-AFC2 is a stereo bi-directional audio format converter with level controls. Conversion is provided between balanced rear-panel XLR jacks and unbalanced front-panel RCA jacks. LED VU metering is provided for all audio channels facilitating adjustment for high or low input levels. The bi-directional format allows the EZ-AFC2 to fully convert the stereo input and stereo output of a consumer audio product to professional balanced standards. The EZ-AFC2 is used in houses of worship, studios, sound booths, home component systems and commercial sound systems.

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