Electrovoice, 2X6 FIR-Drive Digital Audio Processor



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Proven in thousands of installations and live applications around the world including the Olympics, the FIFA World Cup, Live 8, and Live Earth, EV delivers truly state-of-the-art DSP for today's applications. EV's flagship digital sound system processor, the Dx46, sets the standard for digital loudspeaker controllers and processors, providing 48-bit filter algorithms, 24-bit AD/DA conversion, and a dynamic range of 115 dB.

The Dx46 brings the same technology found in NetMax and RCM-26 equipped Tour Grade amplifiers to a new, compact and easy to use form factor by providing six channels of FIR-Drive processing in addition to EV's state of the art loudspeaker protection. The Dx46 provides a USB and an Ethernet interface with an integrated switch for connectivity. IRIS-Net allows complete control, configuration, and supervision through standard or customized interfaces; IRIS-Net allows the ultimate in flexibility for controlling what you want to control-how you want to control it.

  • Designed for Cinema, Club Sound, Concert Sound, Performance & Sports Venues, Pro Music, Stadium Systems, and other applications.
  • 2x6 FIR-Drive Loudspeaker Processor
  • Analog and AES/EBU Inputs
  • Full IRIS-Net Control and Configuration
  • Ethernet and USB Data Interfaces
  • Full Loudspeaker Protection Package, Including PA Limiters and TEMP Limiters
  • Dedicated Array EQ and Delay Sections for Advanced Applications
  • -6 dB Switchable Analogue Pad inserted before A/D Converters on Inputs
  • 4 Separate Delay Sections
  • 5 Contact Closure Inputs
  • 60 Factory Presets
  • 30 User Presets
  • Unique Edit/Compare mode for Audible Parameter adjustment

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