TeleDelta DFM, FM Stereo Generator for MATV, Cable Networks and Headends



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The TeleDelta DFM digital FM modulator/ exciter is a professional 1RU rack-mount platform for FM rebroadcast in tunnels, underground environments and In-building FM redistribution systems

Compact in design the DFM can ingest digital audio (AES / EBU) along with analog audio sources. The TeleDelta DFM is a full band FM modulator / exciter offering RF output power adjustment across the complete FM band (87 ~ 108.00Mhz)

User setup and control is available via the front panel LCD and push-button controller along with remote management via RS232.

Model Information

  • DFM-AES: 1RU FM Generator with 1x (selectable) AES Digital + Analog Input and FM Output
  • DFM-ANALOG: 1RU FM Generator with 1x Analog Input and FM Output

Key Features
  • Digital AES / EBU audio inputs
  • Analog and SCA (optional) inputs
  • Low latency DSP based stereo generator with variable 19kHz pilot deviation
  • Adjustable frequency output across FM bands 87~108Mhz
  • Adjustable RF output level
  • Front panel LCD display / control
  • RS232 remote control interface for PC or other compatible device
  • RF power mute can be activated without turning off power supply.

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