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Recessed Wall Mount Kit for TLP Pro 1025M, TLP Pro 725M, TLS 1025M, and TLS 725M
Key Features
  • Used to securely mount a TLP Pro 1025M, TLP Pro 725M, TLC Pro 1026M, TLC Pro 726M, TLS 1025M, or TLS 725M in a wall
  • Provides an elegant, aesthetically pleasing installation
  • Four locking arms provide secure installation in walls with thicknesses from 1/2 inch to 1 inch
  • Downloadable paper cutout template for easy installation
  • Touchpanel can be removed for maintenance
  • Allows integration and installation of a junction box for conduit runs

RWM 2 - Consultation Description
  1. Provide a recessed wall mount kit for Extron 7 inch or 10 inch TouchLink Panels, TouchLink Scheduling Panels and TouchLink Pro Control Systems
    1. Wall mountable kit for securing a 7 inch or 10 inch touchscreen user interface in a wall
      1. Supports the following Extron’s user interfaces:
        1. TLP Pro 725M
        2. TLP Pro 1025M
        3. TLS 725M
        4. TLS 1025M
        5. TLC Pro 726M
        6. TLC Pro 1026M
      2. Device shall require an opening in the wall that is 4.42" H x 6.375" W (112 mm H x 162 mm W)
      3. Device shall include four locking arms for securing the recessed wall mount to the opening in the wall cavity
      4. Device shall include six magnets attached to the front and a spare attached to the back for securing the touchpanel to the recessed wall mount
      5. Device shall be able to mount into a wall with thicknesses ranging from 0.50" to 1.00" (13 mm to 25 mm)
      6. Device shall be white in color
    2. Mounting requirements
      1. Device shall have the ability to be mounted directly in a wall
      2. Device shall include mounting holes for securing the following junction boxes to the back of the mount should local building codes require cables to be run through a conduit to a junction box
        1. 2-gang EU junction box
        2. 1-gang MK junction box
        3. 1-gang North America junction box mounting holes, horizontally mounted
    3. Shall meet regulatory compliances
      1. CE
      2. RoHS
      3. WEEE
    4. Product Warranty
      1. Shall provide at least 3 years parts and labor
    5. Approved device shall be the Extron RWM 2, part number 70-1141-23; no alternates or equals



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