OC White, ProBoom Elite Standard Mic Arm with Integrated XLR Riser



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ProBoom Elite Standard Mic Arm with 15" Integrated XLR Riser

The new standard in microphone arms… our ProBoom® Elite series. Featuring an exclusive wire channel top arm for fast installation of XLR cable,  there is no easier mic arm to install. With our patented arm and cover, you can have this arm wired in less than 10 seconds!

Our standard configuration is our 29" reach model, with special 15" vertical riser. 

Our 15" riser also has an integrated XLR cradle for a clean installation, as well as offers the choice of side exit or through desk cable installation.

Complete with 5/8-27 threaded mounting stud, No other manufacturer gives as many options!

Product Overview

  • With 15" Integrated XLR Riser
  • 73.7cm Reach
  • Holds up to 2.5lbs.
  • Black & Chrome Finish

OCW Broadcast Catalogue 1
OCW Ultima Catalogue 2 


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