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GSM Hybrid

With the D&R GSM Hybrid you can add a simple and effective wireless interface that your reporters can call.
With features like HD voice, Echo canceling, digital EQ and application control over USB on your PC it is a nice tool to expand the communication possibilities of your studio with your reporters in the field.
The GSM Hybrid has its own number reporters directly can dial, the call can be taken on the mixing console due to built in GPIO’s. The electronics are housed in a sturdy metal 9.5” rack mount case with antenna’s on the front side for optimum receiver conditions.
Software features are in and output metering and level control, phone dialing, number recognition and GSM signal strength indication.
The Alert feature is implemented to let a reporter in the field ‘wake-up’ a DJ behind the desk to start an interview. Assumed is that a connection is already there and the DJ is doing some other work in the studio while the reporter waits for the moment to start the interview. On that moment the reporter only has to press the ‘0’ on his phone to Alert the DJ. In the main window of the GSM Hybrid Control application the background starts blinking red for 2 seconds. 
Also the GPO output alternates with this Alert signal. Doing so, the DJ knows the reporter is ready for the interview and he can mix in the reporter to the show.
If the GPI is wired a call can be picked up on the mixing console when the GPI is connected to the GSM's GPI jack connector.


  • HD-Voice (AMR-WB/G722.2)
  • Balanced Audio in/Out
  • Echo cancelling
  • Digital EQ Control
  • Configurable AGC
  • PC control application via USB
  • Also for mobile applications 12 volt DC car battery powered
  • Ideal for areas without land lines
  • Ideal for OB vans
  • Simple GPIO Interfacing with alert on jacks
  • Voice quality improvement over ordinary Hybrids

New features (2018)

  • Auto Connect: The application ‘GSM Hybrid Control’ automatically connects to the device on start-up or re-connect if USB connection is lost.
  • Auto Answer: The application now picks up the line after one ring signal. A black/white list of numbers is under design.
  • All settings done in the application are now stored in the internal GSM memory. It means the GSM Hybrid works independently from a running application once programmed and can be used in the field without a PC.
  • A fast Factory Reset is possible by pushing the CONNECT button 15 seconds.
  • The communication between the GSM Hybrid and PC is completely redesigned and based on the proven AIRLITE communication protocols.

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