EXTRON CA 163 LP - Speaker, White



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The CA 163 is an easy-to-install column array speaker, designed to combine excellent speech intelligibility, a contemporary aesthetic, and integration-friendly mounting options. Two mounting systems are available to accommodate different room layouts and sizes. Ideal for acoustically challenging environments, it features a focused vertical dispersion that efficiently directs sound to listeners instead of reflective ceilings or floors. Available in black or white, the CA 163 is an integration-friendly solution for reverberant environments.

Designed for Easy Installation
The included wall mounting system design allows one person to securely mount the CA 163 to the wall. A wall-mounting template is included that makes it quick and easy to accurately position the speaker mounts. Once the mounts are installed, an innovative slot on the rear of the speaker easily allows it to slide up and down to the desired height.

Two Mounting Systems Available
To accommodate various speaker aiming and placement requirements, the CA 163 offers two options for mounting:

  • The CA 163 PT includes a pan and tilt mount for maximum speaker-aiming flexibility. It provides 130° pan and 15° tilt.
  • The CA 163 LP includes a low‑profile mount for minimal protrusion from the wall and provides up to 5° tilt.

Key Features

  • Focused vertical dispersion with wide horizontal dispersion for acoustically challenging spaces
  • Includes everything needed for quick, one-person installation
  • 240 watts continuous pink noise;
    480 watts continuous program
  • Frequency range: 105 Hz to 20 kHz
  • EASE-compatible GLL speaker data files available for download
  • Height-adjustable mounting system included
Available in black or white



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