DB Broadcast, D Series STL TX/RX Radio Links



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DB Broadcast DTS (Transmit) and DRS (Receiver) STL set

The FM Radio links supplied by DB Elettronica (analogue or digital versions), satisfy all requirements for the terrestrial transfer of FM Radio signals in a point-to-point connection.

The FM Radio links are available in the frequency range from 48 MHz up to 14.9 GHz, with output power that goes from milliWatts for short paths up to more than 10 Watts for longer distances.

The standard capacity in analogue FM Radio Links is one composite audio signal with the specifications required in high quality stereo broadcasting. Special versions with up to 4 mono audio signals are also available.
  • Synthesized from 48 to 1020 MHz ( /1B, /FM, /3B, /4B, /5B, /G models) and from 1.2 to 2.7 GHz ( /2G models). The transmit and receive frequencies can be easily set from the front panel display.
  • Excellent stereo separation. A built-in group delay and amplitude pre-corrector guarantees a very low linear distortion and a great stereo separation in the entire 15 kHz band.
  • Suitable for digital audio. The subsonic overmodulation and the low frequency phase distortion are controlled by a feedback circuit in order to maintain the audio quality of the latest digital systems.
  • Low noise. The excellent signal to noise ratio either in mono or stereo operation allows the use of several STL's in multi hop networks without decreasing the audio quality.
  • High sensitivity. Using ultra low noise amplifiers, selective filters and with a powerful demodulation circuit the receivers sensitivity is very high, allowing longer link distances with reduced equipment investment.
  • Great RF immunity allows stable operation in the most hostile RF environments.
  • High adjacent channel rejection is obtained thanks to excellent mechanical shielding and precision RF filtering.
  • High frequency stability, with the internal temperature compensated crystal reference.
  • Complete diagnostic and measurement of all main parameters is available from the front panel LCD display. Full remote control is available as an option.
  • A DC power supply option is available for battery or solar panel operation.
  • Meets or exceeds all FCC and CCIR requirements.

Please contact us to find out more about these products and discuss your requirements.

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