Amino A140, HD IPTV/OTT Set-Top Box



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The A140 HD IPTV/OTT set-top box combines high performance, advanced HLS capability and new OTT trickplay functionality in a classic compact case.

Over-the-top (OTT) capability
OTT allows operators to combine traditional pay-TV programming with popular user-generated content websites via the open Internet - adding a compelling new layer of content to service offerings. Amino now offers enhanced OTT capability across its IPTV range using the adaptive bitrate protocol HLS - http live streaming - to deliver reliable video service delivery even where high contention rates create service delivery challenges. Plus HLS offers new opportunities for "off-net" service delivery across the open Internet, extending both your service offering and reach.
The A140 also supports HTML5 audio and video tags enabling multiscreen compatible user interfaces. The A140 offers OTT "trickplay" functionality - offering customers the same smooth fast forward, rewind and accurate skips that they have come to expect from the traditional IPTV experience. HLS recording is also available along with PVR-like pause live TV - dependent on your chosen middleware.
The A140 also offers and HLS streamer - providing APIs to allow middleware to stream recorded content to other home devices.

High definition
The A140 can decode resolutions up to 1080i 60Hz but is also able to de-interlace content and display it progressively - such as de-interlacing 1080i to 1080p - to deliver the picture quality your customers expect on their high-end LCD and Plasma TVs.

Advanced Codec Support
This provides operators with the opportunity to grow revenue generating services, while maximising the efficient use of network bandwidth, creating the ability to: Reach a greater number of subscribers, Increase the number of interactive and multicast channels, Enhance viewing experience with HD channels.

The A140 is a very compact STB, but is able to deliver high performance, along with the required connectivity including; analogue AV, HDMI, USB & S/PDIF. The unique Amino styling sits elegantly with any latest top-specification AV equipment in the living room.

USB stick playback
Now your customers can see their own content on their TVs via the A140. Simply plug in any USB storage device and the API within the A140 discovers and allows presentation on the screen using HTML5 playback. Common video and picture formats are handled quickly and easily - further enhancing your customers' entertainment experience.

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