CTC Union, 2M E1 and Datacom Protocol Analyzer



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The HCT-7000 is a portable, battery powered communication tester, designed for a wide range of protocol analysis and BERT (Bit Error Rate Test) at full E1 speeds (2.048Mbps) and is fully suitable for equipment installations, on-line or off-line diagnostics, debugging, and interface development. The HCT-7000 features a backlit Liquid Crystal Display (LCD), push-button switch keyboard, interface lead indicator LEDs, user replaceable data port interface modules and internal rechargeable Li-Ion battery. The unit includes the Basic Interfaces, basic operational firmware, comprehensive User Guide, universal AC power adapter (100~240 VAC) and a sturdy hard shell carry case.

- Auto Configuration
- ASYNC terminal emulation
- File Management, upload/download file, or captured data to PC for analysis
- Menu driven setup
- Self Tests and Diagnostics
- Frame Relay Analysis S/W Package:
  1) 2M frame monitor and emulation based on ITU Q.933, ANSI T1.618/T1.617 and RFC1490 (RFC2427) packets
  2) PING
  3) LMI setup
- Histogram Analysis (optional)

Product Datasheet


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