RDL Dual Bal/Unbal Line Amp: -12 to 20 dB Gain



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- Up to 20 dB Gain in an Audio Line
- Conversion from Balanced to Unbalanced
- Conversion from Unbalanced to Balanced
- Conversion from High to Low Impedance
- Conversion from Low to High Impedance
- Bridge an Audio Line Feed
- Precisely Match Audio Levels

The STA-1 is a dual channel line level preamplifier with bridging inputs, adjustable gain or loss, and low impedance outputs. Each of the two identical circuits is both an electronic line transformer and a line amplifier. Hook up the STA-1 just like a pair of audio transformers with gain. True dc amplifiers produce unsurpassed audio clarity, high common-mode rejection, ultra-low distortion and low noise. The STA-1 is perfect for most line amplification, impedance or balanced/unbalanced conversion.

The STA-1 operates from floating or bipolar dc power. For installations where ground referenced power is preferred, use the STA-2A Dual High Gain Line Amplifiers.

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