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RF Design Optical LNB - Quattro KU-Band LNB.

The Optical LNB is an innovative new designed Fibre LNB that converts 4 Universal RF bands (L-Band 950 MHz...5,45GHz) to a single optical output with a 1310nm laser. The fiber-connectors are FC/PC that feeding the distirbution network on a single-mode fiber optical-cable. The unit is powered seperately via a standard 12V supply using a standard F type (female) connector.

The fiber connection is realized via standard FC/PC connectors feeding the network on single mode fiber optic cable. With an optical output of +7dBm the FiberMDU LNB can drive up to 32 fiber-converters (like RF-Design optical input L-Band splitter units (LSA4108FI or LSA4132FI) that are located within a radius of 10km.


  • Innovative LNB with optical output
  • Conversion of all 4 IF bands to a single optical output
  • Capable of supplying converted signals to 32 distribution points spread over a 10km distance
  • 40mm Feed horn or Flange C-120

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