TeleDelta HDS2900-3R DVB-T to IPTV Gateway



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TeleDelta HDS2900-3R

The TeleDelta HDS2900-3R platform is a space conscious 1RU modular solution, allowing operators to ingest their Digital TV channels onto an IP / IPTV network. Note - from 2019 onwards the HDS2900-3R supports 8x DVB-T/T2 Tuner inputs. The HDS2900-3R is a must for an IPTV headend.

The fixed input HDS2900-3R Series allows uses to ingest multiple DVB-T/T2 signal (8x DVB-T/T2 Transponders) with additional for expansion tuner modules, provides internal signal MUXing, PID adjustment, channel naming, LCN information and output as MPTS-IP (UDP Multicast) as TSoIP formats. 

Designed for IPTV head-ends, DVB-T head-ends and Broadcast facilities.

HDS2900 Key Features
  • Ingest DVB-T/T2/ (HDS2900-3R/4R) DVB-S/S2 (HDS2900-5R) and DVB-C (HDS2900-7R) signal formats
  • Ingest 8x DVB-T/T2 Carriers (HDS2900-3R)
  • Internal Signal MUX-ing (Tables, NIT, SIT, Names, LCNs etc.)
  • IP (MPTS UDP Multicast) over TSoIP output
  • Remote IP Management
  • Compact 1RU chassis design

Common Applications
  • IPTV / DVB-T Networks
  • Hospitals, Universities
  • Hotels and Resorts
  • Broadcast Facility Play-out
  • Live / Streaming Platforms
  • Mining Camps
  • Enterprise Deployments
  • Retirement Villages
  • Remote area communities

Keywords: TeleDelta HDS2900-3R, HDS2800 IPTV, Headend, DVB-T


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