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TeleDelta HDS2804-8SAT/IP Gateway - Suitable for Satellite TV, VAST, MySat and Pay-TV Services
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The TeleDelta HDS2804-8SAT/IP is part of the larger HDS2800 series family of Broadcast and Commercial hardware solutions from TeleDelta.

The Compact 1RU HDS2804-8SAT/IP Transmodulator provides operators with 8x DVB-S/S2 Satellite Tuner Inputs and up to 128 UDP IP program stream inputs, accompanied by 4x CAM slots, providing support for 4x decryption CAM cards. Individual programs can be routed to specified CAM cards as required. Internal program management and MUX-ing allows operators to output decrypted program content over both COFDM DVB-T and MPTS or SPTS IP UDP Multicast

The HDS2804-8SAT is fitted with 4x user configurable COFDM DVB-T Modulators - providing operators with the ability to output multiple programs across both COFDM and as IP Transport Stream (MPTS / SPTS UDP IP Streams)

Users can remotely manage and monitor the HDS2802 system via the onboard WEB GUI or from the front panel LCD / keypad controls.

Key Features:
  • 8 x DVB-S/S2 Tuner Inputs
  • Suitable for Satellite TV, VAST, My-Sat and Pay-TV / Free-to-Air Satellite Services
  • 128 IP Program stream Inputs (UDP Multicast)
  • Internal program MUX-ing / selection
  • 4x CAM slots / program decryption
  • 4x COFDM DVB-T Carrier outputs
  • 32x SPTS IP Outputs (default option - specify if MPTS is required at time of order)
  • 4x MPTS IP Outputs
  • Local (lockable) Front Panel Monitoring
  • Remote IP Management
  • Optional SNMP System Management

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Alternative Hardware Options:
HDS2804-8SAT/IP: 1RU Gateway, 8x DVB-S/S2 Inputs + UDP IP Input, 4x CAM Slots with 4x COFDM DVB-T Outputs and 4x MPTS IP Output.

HDS2804-8SAT/IP-SPTS: 1RU Gateway, 8x DVB-S/S2 Inputs + UDP IP Input, 4x CAM Slots with 4x COFDM DVB-T Outputs and 32x SPTS IP Output.

HDS2804-8DVB-T/IP : 1RU Gateway, 8x DVB-T/T2 Inputs, MUX, 4x COFDM DVB-T Outputs with MPTS IP Output

Keywords: HDS2802-4SAT HDS2800 HDS3600

The newer HDS2804-8SAT/IP-SPTS is also available supporting up to 32x SPTS IP stream output for IPTV networks. 

Data Sheet | Teledelta 


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